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“Yoga does not have to be spiritual but it can be. Any amount of a pose is a good pose. Yoga requires work but it can be fun.”

My name is Christina and I found my balance with yoga over ten years ago. For me, yoga is an experience where you can find peace and tranquility in your mind, body and soul. I am passionate about the thoughtfulness and quality instruction I can offer to others so I became a certified yoga instructor.

I enjoy seeing the progression of my students over time and offer one-on-one feedback so that you can learn how to move your body with more ease and skillfulness at your own pace. I want you to grow and become stronger both mentally and physically after each class. I believe in my training and my ability to help you get the most out of your time. You will see that in time you will learn to get the most out of your classes and with each practice you will be challenging yourself to grow, not only as a yogi, but as an individual. You will learn to cultivate a peaceful space that you can return to throughout the day. I have a lot more to learn from the world of yoga and look forward to growing in this journey with you.

Do not be afraid to reach out and let’s both grow together. Whether you are a first-time yogi or an avid yogi, we can work together in one of my personalized yoga classes. I will personally guide you and give the necessary tools to help you find what works best for you on your rewarding yoga journey.

Come find your balance.

What do I believe?

  • Yoga does not have to be spiritual
  • Yoga can be spiritual
  • Any amount of a pose is a good pose
  • In very small classes and private sessions
  • Basic poses can be the most useful, informative and challenging
  • In my training
  • In my skill and ability to see how bodies move
  • The practice should be work but fun
  • In my ability to offer meaningful instruction and feedback
  • I have a lot more to learn

What do I enjoy?

  • Seeing progression over time
  • Aha moments! When we finally hit on something and when they finally get/feel what I’ve been cueing
  • When I see a client starting to move with more skill and ease
  • Moments of levity/humor 
  • When I’m in “flow”

What am I passionate about?

  • Quality, thoughtful, relevant and skillful instruction 
  • Observing bodies move and knowing what to offer to help a client learn to move more skillfully and with more ease



* 200 hours of teacher training - Savannah Yoga Center
* 300 hours of advanced teacher training - Awakened Life School of Yoga
* 100 hours of advanced teacher training - Jason Crandell
* Advanced Anatomy Training - Asheville Yoga Center
* Yin Yoga training - Asheville Yoga Center
* Practicing on and off for about 10 years (consistently for the last 6 years)
* Volunteer work with a high school for the last 3 years
*Level I Thai Yoga Bodywork Certified


Please contact me for information on class times.


$20 for a drop-in
$150 for a ten class pass


Personalized Classes

Private classes are available and customizable to your preferences. Please contact me to book a private session by using the button below.

Thai Yoga Bodywork Session

Individualized bodywork sessions are available by appointment. Please contact me to book a session by using the button below.

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